Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gosh its been a while, I've been working on a comic at the moment. Here are a few pages, one coloured the other not. More to come soon! The writer is Daniel Brader who is from Dunedin, you can view his blog here


  1. Looks great, you've got the expressions in your characters really good. Post some more! :)

  2. Apparently we can't reply to comments on blogspot! Lame. So here's my reply to you from earlier!

    Hey Moxey! Yay for fellow Kiwi JETs! I'm pretty freaked out at the moment...just typing out that this is for my JET adventures was freaking me out! We have about 102 days until we are in Tokyo. THAT IS SCARY.

    I'm kinda up in the air about the new Who fandom life has been revolving around Supernatural...but no doubt it will swing on back around!

    But yes I am SUPER excited about Japan! And nervous! And scared! And don't worry, my Japanese will be atrocious no doubt

    p.s. adore your illustration work!